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Thanks very much Sarah. I did two of the recommended videos, one last night and one this morning, and I slept almost 45 minutes more last night. So thank you very much.

Brad H.

This is AMAZING for me!! I just had three great night's sleep during my work week (WOW), and I can't remember the last time that happened. I can't wait to go to bed tonight, not to watch Netflix, not to read my book, but to relax and go to sleep.

Sherry P.

For one month now I have followed all your recommendations vigorously and it worked! I can safely say that sleep reprogramming, waking up at the same time, de-stressing during the day, and yoga for sleep moved me to a "Normal Life-Sleep".

I am so glad I came to your workshop, as it changed the quality of my life 🙂

Natalia R.

Things have been going great with the sleep program!  Absolutely loving the yoga nidra with binaural beats 🙂  For the last 2+ weeks I've been falling asleep faster (closer to 20-30 minutes after going to bed, compared to the 40-60 minutes previously) and barely notice waking up in the middle of the night.  I've also been consistently waking up way earlier (sleeping in now means 7:30, unheard of!) and feeling rested, with energy to face the next day.  So excited!  Thank you!
I've also been telling everyone I possibly can about the wonderful program you've created.  🙂

Deena G.